Monday, June 30, 2008

Friday, June 27, 2008

A Beautiful Living Room

I just had to post this interior. It is beautiful, modest, simple, modern, comfortable, I could go on and on. Happy Friday!

Beautiful Beach Decor

Next week I'll be at the beach, so I won't be posting for awhile. In my absence I leave you with the beautiful home decor goods from

I am so glad I found them, their furniture, accessories, and linens are so beautiful, with the airy feel of the ocean. They're still working on their first catalog, but you can register at the site and they'll send you the catalog when it's complete.

The online shop also carries beautiful vintage pieces, body products, and will soon be coming out with a sleepwear line. I especially love the pillow selection and delicate sea-creature inspired vases and candle holders.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bathroom Renovations

Last issue of Real Simple they "renovated" three bathrooms. These renovations were purely cosmetic, so they serve as great inspiration if you're looking for a cheap way to stylishly upgrade. I think they're all a great improvement, and I especially love the wallpaper on the last one. What do you think?

Outdoor Flooring

Want to spruce up you outdoor space without picking up a shovel, hammer, or any tools at all? West Elm has some attractive, simple options. With their instant decking, you could create a little patio in a matter of minutes. These are so nice, I would probably find a use for them indoors too. They also have "wood slices." I could see these creating a cute meandering path through the garden...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

China Patterns

I've gotten down to the last of my mismatched dishes, and figure it might be time to commit to a pattern. It's so hard though... I know I want something artistic or retro. I also like florals and damasks. hrm...have any suggestions?

The first 5 are from Target

These are from

Some from Anthropologie

...and finally Crate and Barrel

The wonderful work of Tom Sheerer

I'm a huge fan of Tom Sheerer's work. I can always imagine myself lounging around in his rooms, reading books, waking up with a smile on my face... His work seems to have a light and happy, natural quality to them. Go to for more.

Indoor Gardening

Sadly, in October, I will be without a backyard garden. So I've been researching ways to keep my thumb green in the great indoors. In the past, indoor gardening meant I had crowded windowsills and florescent lights duct-taped under shelves packed full with plants. There must be a better way! Here are some functional and beautiful ideas I've run across so far. Please share your solutions too!

Utilize wall space instead of your sills. Plants also get more light up here...

A display box which hangs on the wall like art..

An indoor window box

Construct shelves that span across the window to create more space

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Perfect Pillows!

I've been searching for unique and beautiful pillows for my new olive green couch. Coincidentally, I found just what I've had in mind at Olive's Etsy store. So many cute and pretty fabrics--you're sure to find just the right pillow for your couch, bed, etc. The price point makes them perfect too! See more of Olive's charming home goods here.

Let's Lunch

I'm sitting here eating lunch at my desk. I know, I know, but you do it too I bet. Nevertheless, I can imagine we're eating in a gorgeous modern dining area, like in these images.