Monday, October 31, 2011

Tropical resort bliss

I want a tropical, beach vacation in the worst sort of way. No computer, no TV - just sun, the ocean , sand, and rest, rest, rest. I think this place - Ayada Maldives - would do just fine

via Ayada Maldives

Friday, October 28, 2011

Home office bliss

The home office is so important to me since I work from home. I think with more and more people working from home these days we'll be seeing even more great home office inspiration and solutions in mags and blogs.

Happy Friday!

a fab duo office

via Ballard Home

so pretty!  The white, the cube shelving - the window seat!!

via BHG

Tons of storage for inspiration!  My shelves are always overflowing, but sometimes I feel like the more storage space I have, the more likely I am to hoard more stuff...
via Ikea

Looks like an archivists dream right?


A down-to-earth but still chic space.

via House of Fifty

via Ivy and Piper

Only problem with this one is that the gorgeous wall mural might have me daydreaming of tree houses all day

via Sweet Home Style

Which one do you like best?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

An amazing chic and liveable LA home makeover

This amazing makeover is the home of Lisa Ullmann, Executive Producer of The Ricky Gervais show.  What started as an Echo Park "diamond in the rough," turned into a multifaceted top-quality gem. The interior design is by LA firm Jonamor Decor

Here are some before/after pics to show you the amazing transformation...

entry before

Entry after -- so chic!

The overall goal was to create a comfortable and relaxing environment that would reflect Lisa's many interests and styles and be welcoming for guests. Having a passion for travel, Lisa wanted to incorporate elements of some of her favorite places around the world that she had visited, specifically Italy, France and India. She wanted her home to be unique, elegant but also “user friendly”.

My favorite transformation - the living room

gorgeous - the jewel tones are really fresh

The dining room

The red is a bit too loud for me personally, but the room is still really intriguing, I like the wallpaper and the Moroccan lanterns

The master bedroom transformation

Many of the central pieces to each room were vintage or purchased at discount prices. Older furniture was re-painted and re-upholstered (a used Crate and Barrel desk painted black, an ottoman from a flea market covered in a funky Indian orange fabric). Lisa not only appreciated vintage items for their price and unique appearance, but felt that buying used items was a “greener” approach. Of all the newly purchased furniture, only the couch, a chair and a bench were “new” items.

What do you think of this home makeover?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

An easy furniture repurposing idea and an AMAZING GIVEAWAY!

So remember last week when I revealed my kitchen after stenciling it with a Royal Design Studios stencil?  Well, I have an addition to that kitchen to reveal - and am announcing a giveaway hosted by Royal Design Studios!  To enter the stencil giveaway, go to the Royal Design Studios site, peruse the amazing stencil selection, and come back here and leave a comment, or email me, with the stencil that you would like to win. To comment on this post (scroll to the bottom of this post and right above "Labels" you will see a number followed by the word "comments." Click on the word "Comments." Or, you will see a link, "Post a Comment," which you click on to comment.

If you receive posts in your email feel free to respond to the email noting that you'd like to be entered in the drawing. Then, go to Royal Design Studio's facebook page and "Like" them.  For this giveaway, the stencil you select must be under $50. 

Here is my kitchen and the easy furniture repurposing idea:
For this project I repurposed a medicine cabinet into a spice rack.

Here is the mirror situation that was in our bathroom when we moved in.  It has since been amended. The medicine cabinet, on the right, was not my style at all, with the carved flowers and dry brush metallic silver paint treatment.

I unmounted the cabinet, and removed the door/mirror. I also gave the cabinet a wash with a cloth and mild soap.  I decided to leave the holes where the door was attached and the magnetic closure.  I liked that it added some history/story to the piece.

I painted the cabinet in an eggshell white with a roller.  A roller creates a smoother finish than a brush.  I used a brush to get into the corners.  Note to the wiser than me:  If you're not sure the finish of the furniture you're about to repaint/refinish - sand it (and wear a mask in case the previous finish is nasty), and PRIME.  Turned out the paint didn't stick to well to whatever finish the cabinet had on it originally, so I had to go back and prime it.

voila!  The finished medicine cabinet turned spice rack in our new kitchen!

It looks like a custom piece, and the white contrasts nicely off the navy blue, I think.

I'm working on another kitchen DIY which I'll reveal next week. I'm very excited about this one - as it's going to free up a cabinet's worth of space.

I'll end by leaving you with some stenciling inspiration from RDS. Remember to comment with the stencil you'd like to win and "like" them on facebook! (They also have a Twitter feed). The drawing closes Nov. 2nd at 6 PM EST. I'll announce the winner the following day. Good luck!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A house tour that oozes comfort, clean design, and individuality

This house tour is coming at you from a BRAND NEW online mag from our stylish friends across the pond, 91 Magazine.  It comes as no surprise that this UK e-glossy is full of charming and lovely crafts, style, inspiring vintage decor, and shopping.

The feature that caught my eye was this fabulous house tour of a Surrey semi-detached abode of a couple and their 3 year-old daughter.  Enjoy!

I like to see a salon-style wall with a lot of different style frames

I love the simple and clean look

Neutral tones keep the space airy

What do you think of 91 Magazine's debut house tour?

via 91 Magazine

Friday, October 21, 2011

my favorite images from my favorite blogs...

Happy Friday! Time to relax and enjoy a little eye candy. Presented in no specific order from some of my favorite blogs...

some beachy beauties from Completely Coastal...

oh have that beach so close by...

The four below are from Providence Ltd. Design

so cool

fabulous kitchen.  who knew a kitchen could be so luxe?

The last three are from my friend Liz's blog(s) Chomp Chow Chew, and Special Delivery.  She's a fellow RISD illustration department grad.

I love visiting with her and her boyfriend because I know that, aside from catching up, I'm in for some great meals.  They always know the best restaurants and markets.

 Liz has an amazing color sense.  Isn't her palette a work of art in itself?

 mm....Real ramen...