Friday, October 29, 2010

Fun and pretty accessories and furniture - Danish style

House Doctor is a danish based interior company, and I'll think you'll like some of their stuff. While the all over look in these photos may not be my style, I could find many a happy place in my house for a lot of the accessories and furniture.

I really like this side table and the chest.
Isn't this dreamy. We are leaving the outer banks today *tear*, I should have set up a little tent.

I especially like their styling when the colors are more subdued.

What do you think?
Go to the site to see more.

A lovely potpourri of living rooms

Happy Friday! I thought today I'd just share some pretty living rooms.

A stylish multifunctional space

three images above via House to Home

Maybe this one is more of a home office. I would love to have a couch or easy chair in my office for when I'm searching through my books and magazines.

two images above via Home-Designing

Pretty interesting that they used books to bring in their pop of color.
via Fjeldborg

two above via Elle Decor

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A really great sample sale for all French country and vintage lovers!

This sale is for items gently used by Redefine Home in photo shoots. They have some really great deals but there's only one of each item - so hurry if you're interested!

The sale's here!

ADORE this cabinet

A sand dollar shadow box

Lovely, fresh Scandinavian homes

These homes really speak for themselves. Effortlessly chic and pretty.

The spine bookshelf really ads a modern look.

I like the striped bed!

via Skona Hem

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

An AMAZING home transformation

I'm jealous. Pure Style Home's Lauren Liess is only in her twenty something's and has her own interior design business, a family, and one adorable home! What's amazing is what she started out with only a year ago, and what she's turned it into. Check it out -

Exterior before

Exterior after

Entry before
Entry after

Kitchen before

Kitchen after!!!

More of the kitchen
The foyer filled with Da Vinci prints

LOVE this nursery
See the whole story at Pure Style Home

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A beautiful mountain trail with the bluest river below

More pics from my summer in Europe! These photos are from the Cares Gorge walk, one of Chris's favorite parts of our trip this summer. Read more about it here. At 12km, it's quite long, and can get very busy during peak travel season, so go early or off-season. DEFINITELY wear some hiking boots and be careful on the trail. It does get skinny in some parts and the gorge is deep.

looking down from the trail!

the water was so clear and beautiful!