Friday, October 31, 2008

My dream house!!

I absolutely love this house, inside and out! I feel like it would lend itself perfectly to a simple, no-frills lifestyle that I covet living here in the Big Apple. I grew up in a big old country house, and I'm sure one day the tug on my roots will be too strong to ignore.

so, so beautiful!

Love this simple bedroom

Images via Country Living

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Juxtaposed: Dwell and Traditional Homes

It really is great that people have so much inspiration when it comes to styling their homes. I don't have anything particular to say, other than I'm sometimes very surprised when I see either an extremely classically styled home or an extremely modern styled home that people actually live there. I guess this is because I've never been in a home with such a focused aesthetic.

I love the cabinet in this room and the outdoor table put together.

Images via Traditional Home

I like the console diagonally and all the plants on it- softens the place up a little.

Wow - I wonder if that kitchen is always so organized...

Images via Dwell

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Master of Art Nouveau

I thought I'd just share some drawings from one of my favorite artists for a little change of pace. Alphonse Mucha influenced more than just drawing and painting, but was involved in the design of jewelry, dishes, and other home decor. Enjoy!

(click for a really close-up detail)

Serving and Table wares by Mucha
(click for a really close-up detail)

A biscuit tin
(click for a really close-up detail)

An advertisement
(click for a really close-up detail)
Images via Mucha. the Triumph of Art Nouveau by Arthur Ellridge

Main staircase of the Maison Horta, Brussels,
designed by Victor Horta, begun 1898. -Love the banister

Door detail of Gaillard display cupboard,
with typical Art Nouveau motif of the coup de fouet.

Images via

Amelie's adorable apartment! Lots of pictures!

I was watching Amelie the other night, and decided I had to write about her apartment. Probably the first thing that stands out is the palette- almost everything is warm red and oranges, with some green and blue here or there. For a "woman of almost 23" her apartment is very put together, and looks as if she's lived there for years and years. Being introverted and a little bit isolated, it makes sense that her place is much more than a crash pad, but her save haven. She also has great taste in art and wallpaper!

Her whimsical bedroom

The entry way...*love* this wallpaper

Her kitchen...I'm guessing it's only the wall behind her that is red, and then the other walls are tiled.

Even her windowsill is cute.

The living room. I really like the blue lampshade

I love that she has a dresser in the bathroom.

Images via and Screencaps