Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 Color Trends for the Home - lush purple, blues and oranges....

The word is out! (Okay- it's been out) 2014's color is Radiant Orchid.  You can go all out with it, or use it as an accent color.  If you are a lover of bright and bold colors, I've provided some inspiration for creating color palettes with Radiant Orchid...

If your not sure how to use these colors for your home, let me show you some great options:

 High Fashion Home

High Fashion Home
It makes a gorgeous accent color

via aparaledabode

Go bold...
via Found Market

Porter House Designs

Porter House Designs

So what other colors look good with Radiant Orchid for those of you who love your bold brights?  Cayenne or another similar orange looks good with purple and really makes a statement.

via Live Like You

Cobalt and Radiant Orchid creates a really lush look...

Monday, December 30, 2013

Inspiration for my wedding table settings...

I hope everyone had an amazing, wonderful holiday.  I also want to send out a big thanks to all the lovely and supportive comments I received after my post about my horse's death.

Time flies and my wedding is less than 5 months away.  We have most of the "big" things squared away.  Now it is time to focus on the fun part - the details.  Below is the inspiration I've gathered for my table settings.

As some of you may know, my wedding will be at the Mathwig Estate Barn.  The look will be rustic, but I want it to be very "clean" rustic.  Not too shabby chic or vintage.

 The table above is probably my favorite.  I found a similar fabric which I'll use for the tables.

In the woods behind my parent's farm there are piles of old glass bottles left from previous tenants.  I have been collecting and cleaning them over time, and I plan on clustering between 8 and 10 of them in various sizes on each table, then fill them peonies (or a peony look-alike)...

Our china is basic white.

Candles are no longer allowed in the barn, so I will be buying A LOT of flameless votives.

1. Pinterest via Caught The Bouquet 2. Pinterest via Style Me Pretty 3. Pinterest 4. Pinterest  via Allyson Magda  5. Pinterest via Ruffled Blog 6. via Pinterest via Style Me Pretty   7. Pinterest via Sanders Estate  8. via Pinterest via styleunvieled.com  9. via Pinterest via Green Wedding Shoes

Thursday, December 19, 2013

My great loss

This past August my childhood dream came true.  I got a horse.  Well, my amazingly sweet fiance got me a horse as a surprise for my 30th birthday.  I've literally dreamed of having a horse since before I could even say the word "horse," and had been seriously looking for a couple of months.  I met Sequoia the week before he became mine, thinking I was trying out a lesson horse for my instructor.  The following week when I went to the barn there he was in the stall, and my fiance announced that he was mine.  Shock and surreal don't begin to cover the overflow of joy I felt.  I cried with joy.  Such a sweet and precious gift.  Sequoia was a 3 year old Appaloosa gelding - cute and goofy and beautiful all in one.  Everyone commented that he was the sweetest horse they'd ever met.  He would follow me around the paddock like a puppy dog, and played with the sheep he lived with.  He was so quiet and level-headed and he trusted me enough to do whatever I asked of him, even though he was just a baby.  Sequoia was my refuge.

A month ago Chris (my fiance) came into my office and told me he had some bad news.  My dad had just called.  He had found Sequoia on the  wrong side of the fence with a very badly broken leg.  There was no sign of struggle or escape - no sign or evidence of anything going wrong.  There was nothing they could do for him. The vet was on his way.  As you can imagine, I was in hysterics.  My father didn't allow me to see him - he thought it would be too traumatizing for me.  I understood, but the feeling of hopelessness was so intense.  To just sit there knowing Sequoia's body was out in the cold and dark.

It has been a very hard past month, and I go through periods of grief and blame and anger.  The weekends are especially hard because that's when I would spend the most time with him.  I enjoyed his company as much on the ground as on his back.  I know it was no one's fault, and horses are a contradiction of strength and fragility.  We had professional pasture management consultants inspect the fence before we brought him home, and after we lost him, and they say the paddock was 100% safe.  It is hard for me to even look at the field now and just see the sheep - not my beautiful boy.

I'm sorry to bring you such a sad story today, but I just wanted to do it for Sequoia's sake.  I hadn't even managed to post about him coming into my life before he died.  He was my first horse and I had him for less than two months.  It's hard not knowing what went wrong and therefore not knowing what to fix.  It's hard because I feel like I failed to keep him safe.  I was looking forward to growing with him and all the years we potentially had together.

Remember during the holiday season (and always), to keep your loved ones (both furry and humans) - close.  To be grateful for their health and happiness, and always remember that our time, while a gift,  is not guaranteed, and that all we can do is live in the moment and try to enjoy every precious second.

Thanks to all of you who read this.


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Make your tiny bathroom gorgeous AND functional!

I think it's just my fate to always have a small bathroom.  Even the master bathroom in our home is small, even for a regular bathroom....  We make do though, and the best solution I've found is to use vertical space to create storage options.  We have a cabinet installed over the toilet, and the towel rods are installed on the back of the door.  Here is some more inspiration for fellow endurers of small bathrooms.

You can find cubbies and shelves in all sizes nowadays, and don't overlook even the narrowest sliver of wall as a possibility for storage. If you can maintain a clean organized look with your items out in the open, open shelves will be fine.  If not, look for cabinets with sliding doors or drawers.

If you have a little extra space that you can put in a built in, that's always the way to go if you can  swing it. This space looks especially sophisticated because the crisp lines of the toilet really matches the style of the moulding and shelves.

I really like all of the artwork in this bathroom. The shelves our great too - just make sure they aren't deeper than the toilet tank or it could make visits to it a bit uncomfortable!

I wouldn't use the built-in shelves in this bathroom for books - but the bathroom sure looks cute!

LOVE the perfume shelf!

Bathroom storage

Making use of the storage you already have may be the best solution! adding a shelf to your door and finding the right storage accessories for your under the sink space can add a ton of storage solutions if you are lacking any extra square footage. 

There are some great accessories at ltdcommodities for storage needs that could really step up your space. 

Organizing junkies will love these little stick-on bins...myself included!

Do you have any tricks up your sleeve for creating storage space in a small bathroom?

via Ikea, via Pinterest via myparadissi.com, via Cuded, via Pinterest, via Cuded, via Pinterest, via Buzzfeed

Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday Kitchen Inspiration

With most homes these days catering to the open floor plan, decorating for the holiday's might not always stop by the Christmas Tree or dinning room! Here are a few ideas for bringing some holiday fun to the kitchen:

Friday, December 13, 2013

Last minute gift ideas for nesters and home decor lovers!

I like to give gifts that have a lot of thought in them or I know the recipient really, really wants.  That's not always easy, especially on a budget  If I'm stumped I tend to lean towards something unique that will be a conversation piece in their home.  Here are a few cute ideas I found..

This alpaca blend throw is sure to be a favorite for the lucky someone who gets it.  So pretty!
At Maker and Moss)

A row of glass bubbles that each hold a bud or two - or just looks like cool art when it's empty. At UncommonGoods

This Filigreed Metal votive set is absolutely stunning.
At The Loaded Trunk

These gilt edge agate coasters are so pretty, they will look fab just sitting on the table.
On Etsy

Dried Decor ideas for the Home | HOMEMAKERS

Glass containers for display or even some new candlestick holders! Try to find candlesticks that are sculptural so they look nice even without candles in them.
At Homemakers Online

Use a hollowed out book to hide an unsightly router - XnY DIY Tutorials

How great is this book that acts as a router or charger cover? Great for those who love to read!

Dachshund Dog Silhouette Pillow / home decor, gift idea, christmas, stocking stuffer
A decorative pillow featuring their favorite pet. Pet-related gifts are always loved by parents of the four-legged kind.
On Etsy

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Deliciously chic and elegant spaces

Here's to getting through the holidays with grace...

The two above are from queen of chic Kelly Wearstler's home...

via Undecorate , via Rue La La, via Lonny,  via One King's Lane